2013 VMA’s: Worst Dressed

There were some really great looks last night, but a lot of crazy ones too…half of which were contributed by Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Here are my worst dressed of the night:

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Miley Cyrus: Ugh…Well. Miley looks interesting. Lets start from the top. Wtf is with her little bun things on her head. Second, STOP STICKING YOUR TONGUE OUT. Third, her outfit is very bedazzled and looks like she should be in a fiesta. Finally, her shoes are definitely spice girls shoes. She looks so bizarre and like she has lost it and gone off the deep end. I’m just confused.

Snooki: The very slimmed down Snooki failed to impress last night. Her dress looks like it is pulling because of her cleavage, the X where her cleavage is is unappealing and it does not look like it was altered properly to fit the top part of her body.

Lady Gaga: Let’s start with Lady Gaga’s red carpet look. Although very toned down from her meat dress, she looks very gothic and resembles Morticia Addams. She honestly didn’t look well last night- she was very pale and unappealing. Her performance outfit….I don’t even know what to say. It’s a box on her head and a very large priests robe.

Adam Lambert: This vampiresque look worked when he performed on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, but it does not cut the red carpet. What the hell are with those shoes?

Thirty Seconds to Mars: These guys look all sorts of crazy. Unlike our best dressed groups such as One Direction, these boys are not cohesive. They look sloppy and their out their clothing takes away from everything else.

Iggy Azalea: Iggy looks completely washed out and one toned in this outfit. Everything from her hair to her skin to her dress match. The sheer detailing is not attractive on her at all.

2 Chainz: Just too much of…everything.

Coco Jones: Coco’s skirt was so short I could literally almost see her crotch. Ew. Besides that her hair is too much and her sequined jacket clashes with her patterned skirt suit.

Lil Kim: Kim looks like she has the worlds worst wedgie in this outfit. Her pants are literally going completely up her lady parts. The outfit itself is horrible and confusing, her makeup is done poorly, she looks very high and those shoes look even more ridiculous on her.

Macklemore: A pale blue suit with what looks like to be a raccoons tail as a scarf. Enough said.

Shailene Woodley: Shailene bothers me. She is so young and pretty yet she always dresses badly. The skirt she is wearing looks like it is a beach cover up. Why does she think she looks good like that?

Erin Wasson: I call this…gothic mummy. Why in the world would anyone wear this? She looks awful!!

Sarah Hyland: I love how the young actress tries to go out of the box and wear new things at each event, but this dress is just too much. Sarah is so petite and this dress has too much material for her frame. It reminds me of curtains or a rug, and the top part reminds me of a superhero costume!

Ashanti: I love the color of Ashanti’s dress but the cut outs are weird. Her dress looks like it is crooked and it does not work on her.

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