Teen Wolf Season Finale

Photo Credit: www.zimbio.com

Photo Credit: http://www.zimbio.com

Photo Credit: www.collider.com

Photo Credit: www.collider.com

Last night was the season 3 finale of Teen Wolf. I always hate when my favorite shows come to an end and I have to wait what feels like forever for their return.There were so many twists and shocking things that happened on last nights finale episode that I cannot even wait until season 4 returns!!

SPOILER ALERT!!:This will basically sum up who is gone, and what may be addressed next season:

  • Jennifer is dead…thank god. After Deucalion slashed her throat she was able to climb away until Peter found her and killed her for good.
  • Peter is bad…surprise surprise… and is going to try and become the ultimate Alpha by eliminating Scott
  • Lydia and Aidan are now a thing?
  • Jennifer killed Kali
  • Jennifer made Deucalion see again, Derek and Scott set him free as long as he does not kill anyone
  • Scott’s dad is in town
  • Allison and Isaac may become an item?
  • Derek gave his Alpha powers to Cora who is now okay
  • Scott is now an Alpha
  • The twins were dead, now they are not- phewf.
  • Cora and Derek left…don’t know where they are going or when they will be back.
  • Allison, Stiles and Scott had to die and become sacrifices in order to save their parents (they were brought back to life) and because of what they did things (supernatural things?) may come


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