Worst Dressed: 2013 Teen Choice Awards

There were a good number of misses yesterday at the award show. Here is my worst dressed list:

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Naya Rivera: The usually fashionable Naya was a disappointment on the red carpet. Those leather pants are horrible. If she would have work a stripped black and white skaters skirt with those heels and that crop top, she would have looked amazing!

Hailee Steinfeld: From the orange part of Hailee’s dress, upwards is absolutely amazing. She would be on my best dressed list if it wasn’t for the bottom of the dress and the too matchy matchy shoes. This dress is too long for Hailee and starts out nicely fitted then puffs out and resembles a garbage bag!

Chloe Moretz: This dress isn’t horrible but I don’t particularly like it. I don’t think it does anything for Chloe, and her hair looked a little messy and unpolished.

Abigail Breslin: First of all, I absolutely hate Abigail’s hair this color!! She has such porcelain white skin, that her hair literally matches. She looks completely washed out. Her boobs look so pushed together, unflattering and uncomfortable! This color looks nice against her fair complexion, but the sparkly short sleeved jacket totally killed her look.

Bella Thorne: Bella successfully stuck to the Californian theme of the Teen Choice Awards with the palm tree patterned outfit, but unlike Lily Collins who rocked the palm tree look, Bella failed. The skirt of her outfit is completely adorable, but the top is way too big on her small frame. This outfit would have been perfect with a solid black top.

Miley Cyrus: Last night Miley wore the fashion trend setter award…I don’t know why. Her look was completely inappropriate for any occasion, especially the teen choice awards. She looked too S&M and sloppy. Her skirt is amazing, and she could have looked edgy and chic like her personality, without the rest of the outfit.

Ashley Benson: Ashley is so so pretty, but this outfit makes her look frumpy. This skirt is horrible, way too much. I don’t know anyone this would look good on. Because the skirt was so confusing, the pop of color in her heels added to the dysfunctional outfit. If she would have worn that black crop top with a blue high wasted pencil skirt, or a skater skirt with those heels, she would have looked killer. I was also not a fan of her hair, it should be up in a pony tail. Worst dressed of the night.

Chelsea Kane: This skirt is wayyyyyy too long of Chelsea. It does not look flattering on her at all. I don’t love the pattern of her outfit either, it’s a little too old for such a young, vibrant woman.

Nina Dobrev: So depressed. My always number one fashion icon left me disappointed. Her outfit didn’t look right on her. I don’t think it was tailored appropriately (though I love the top part.) If this would have been a short dress I think I would have loved it, but the pants kill it for me. 😦 There is an awkward area where her shirt stops and her pants start that is taking away from everything else. Her hair and makeup are spot on though!

Hana Mae Lee: I don’t think I need to write anything. WTF?!

Leven Rambin: With such pale skin and light hair, yellow is not a great choice. This look does nothing for Leven. The top part of her dress is awkward and doesn’t fit her right, and her shoes are way too much.

JWoww: The Teen Choice Awards are casual and fun. JWoww is dressed like she is performing in Vegas- which is not appropriate attire for the event. She looks uncomfortable and unhappy. Although her hair and makeup were really pretty.

Ed Sheeran: Ed is wearing too many “jean” patterns, which look messy all together! He is so cute, and I wish he would buy jeans that fit him a little bit better!

Nelly: What is with those leather shorts? Omg they are horrible. If Nelly would have worn this fun top with dark jeans, or black pants and different shoes (that were tied up preferably) he would have looked very good.

Paramore: I know Paramore is crazy and fun, and their style should reflect who they are as a group but…I just don’t like their outfits. To me it’s too much, and almost looks forced.

Jenna Ushkowitz: I am not loving Jenna’s skirt at all. It’s trying to be a kilt, and failing. It doesn’t look right at all. The rest of her outfit was perfect!

Tamera & Tia Mowrey:  Tia and Tamera used to be such fashionista’s, what happened?!  Tamera’s individual pieces are really nice, but together just don’t work. Her white short suit would have looked great if she wore just a plain black tank instead of this structured halter top. This is the kind of shirt that needs to be worn alone, without anything over top. The blazer kills it. I also think the shoes are too much for an outfit like this. What in the world is with Tia’s shirt?! That is god awful.

Gabby Douglas: I didn’t like Gabby’s dress much- it may have been better on someone taller like Heidi Klum. I think it overwhelmed her small frame, and the structure aspect of it got lost because she is so small.

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