Wish List Wednesday: Super Grip Lock Deadbolt Strap

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Sometimes your wish list should include things you NEED rather than really want.I saw this really cool contraption on Pinterest the other night and I thought to myself, wow that is so smart…I need that.

The purpose of this Deadbolt Strap is that it is basically a dead end for people trying to break into your home. The door cannot be opened from the outside, even with a key.As a young woman, my safety is always my number one priority. This would be such a great thing to have when home alone (or even if you are not alone), and is just a simple security item to have.The website where you can purchase this awesome product even suggests using it in places like apartments or hotel rooms, where other people tend to have keys.It is just a simple security feature that really makes so much sense.Everyone should have one of these Super Grip Locks, men or women! The Super Grip Lock is available for purchase here for only $9.99! 

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