Shark Week Segment: Women’s Attire

In honour of this week being the infamous “Shark Week,” I have put together a couple of segments that can help you celebrate Shark Week in style!!

Here are some of my favorite “shark” pieces for women:

Playing up a theme can be so much fun! These TOMS, for example are a limited edition style, exclusively for Shark Week. They are a great price, and can be worn every shark week for years! Using the shark in a novelty fashion like in the ATTACK! shirt, or the shark tank top are very versatile, and casual as well! If you want to dress up your shark attire a bit, opt for something like this high-low shark print shirt that can be a really cute “night time” piece. One of my favorite ways to pay tribute to the sharks, is actually very timeless and can be worn  any time throughout the year; shark tooth jewelry. These earrings and bracelet are actually so pretty, they would make a great extension to any jewellery collection! Finally, if you want to go all out, and be noticed try this Shark backpack, which is hilarious and totally cute! My favorite piece out of the bunch that will definitely put you as the center of attention is this amazing, made to order Sharkini. Unfortunately due to popular demand this amazing one of a king piece is sold out!!

4 responses

    • Aren’t they great?! I wish I would have bought them prior to this week. I think I am going to order a couple of things and just wear them as “post shark week” attire!

      Lindsay xx

  1. Shark Week! On of my favorite weeks of the year! Love that you did this! Followed.
    I’m fairly new to blogging and would love if you checked out my blog. (:

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