Shark Week Segment: For The Home

It is fine and dandy to dress up and celebrate shark week, but why not celebrate it in your home!

The easiest things to change within a home are pictures, pillows, throws etc. It is as simple as taking them down and putting up something new…even if it for a week!

Here are some fun ideas on how to bring Shark Week home with you!!

Changing the art on your walls is so simple, and is a great way to change the look of your home in seconds. I love wooden art, and this recycled wood shark art and great white shark piece are awesome- especially as outdoor art! Some less obvious and smaller prints that are just as celebratory is the “Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week” picture and the set of three colorful shark silhouette art. Each of these art pieces are fairly in expensive, and are a fun way to liven up your home for Shark Week! Another great idea to add to your home to make a sharky statement is this amazing hammerhead shark pillow from Etsy. It is so simple, yet so colorful and would look great on any chair or sofa! If you have kids they’ll love these small things that you add to your home, they will think you’re celebrating a crazy holiday (which if you love shark week, you are!) Try adding shark soap to the bathroom, or shark fin ice cubes or how about have your cup of coffee (or your kids juice) in an awesome shark mug like this one?!

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