Worst Dressed: The Young Hollywood Awards 2013

There were more bad outfits at The Young Hollywood Awards that I would have liked to have seen, but, it is what it is!

Here are my worst dressed:

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Lucy Hale: I am always sad when such fashionable people make mistakes and have that bad day where they’re outfits just don’t work. The usual fashionista Lucy Hale was drowning in lace at the award show. Separately those pieces are cute, together they’re just overkill. It almost looks like she got tangled up in an old, ripped up fisherman’s net.

Holland Roden: Here is the other young starlet who wore the floral pattern to the award show. Holland is sooo beautiful, her hair and makeup are always perfect, but I was disappointed with her look. I love the top (because I loved it on Bailee Madison), and I actually love those flower power pants. Although similar, it is obvious that the top and the bottoms are too different patterns. Unlike Bailee who wore spot on matching pieces, Holland’s not quite matching patterned outfit looks to busy rather than one consecutive, flowing piece.

Christa B. Allen: This is just a bad dress. Bad color, bad fitting, bad pattern, bad sequins, just bad. In various places of this dress it looks like her sequins were ripped off, leaving behind these unpleasant looking patches. I’m not loving her hair either, it doesn’t work well on her.

Alyssa Milano: Eek! It looks like Alyssa’s shirt was scratched and ripped apart by a wild animal. This look is not doing her awesome body justice, she almost looks heavy in it, and in reality she is so petite. Her pants are way to big, and I can’t stop starring at those shoes. They are horrible, especially with that outfit. Worst dressed!

Kevin McHale: I don’t like when Kevin where’s pieces like this floral blazer. He looks like he is trying to hard to be something that he is not. “Too cool for school,” when his geeky, preppy appearance always works for him! This blazer is just too much.

Cat Deeley: This is a horrible dress. Her shirt looks like it is going to expose her boobs at any minute, and looks like it is falling off. It is a very disproportioned dress that doesn’t work.

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