Favorites Friday: Birch Bark Soap

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a scent addict. I love soaps, candles, etc. etc.One of my original “Favorites Friday” post was Mermaid Soap by Lippincott Soap Factory, and it is amazing.I continue to try soaps from this amazing company, and I have found another that I love equally as much as the mermaid soap. This soap is called “Birch Bark,” and yes that is exactly what it smells like.It is unbelievable and I can’t stop using it- seriously I have become addicted.

One of my favorite things about this company is the way they package soaps. I originally bought these soaps off their shop on Etsy and it was their beautiful packaging and the way they wrap their soaps that first caught my eye.Just like the mermaid soap that came beautifully wrapped in a paper that looks just like a mermaid tail, this soap came wrapped in a stripped paper that include beige, and browns and greys and it looked like a forest of birch trees.I really need to know where they get their paper, because I want to wrap any and everything in them! If you want unique, amazing smelling soaps THIS is the company you HAVE to go to!!Check out their shop: Lippincott Soap Company here on Etsy!

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