Worst Dressed: 2013 Comic Con

There were TONS of great looks at Comic Con this year, but like always, there were some definite fails.

Check them out!

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Ginnifer Goodwin: Although Ginner was on our best dressed list for her amazing forest green dress, she has landed herself a first class seat on the worst dressed list due to this….dress? It washes her out, for starters, and it is huge!! It does not fit her at all, it looks awful. She is so small and this dress just swallows her alive.

Jena Malone: This is just confusing. I don’t understand what is going on with the top of this outfit, and why she decided to wear it. Plus, her hair looks so greasy, I could fry an egg on it!

Jennifer Lawrence: I am so disappointed with Jennifer’s outfit from Comic Con. She is usually one of the best dressed women at any event, but this just sucks on so many levels. Let’s start from the top, her hair looks awful…so greasy, especially in the bang area. That top makes her look butch, and like she has broad shoulders, and the skirt is a weird shape. I don’t like anything about her look. Worst dressed!

Jennifer Morrison: The Once Upon a Time beauty looks like she is going to Easter brunch. This outfit does nothing for her, and makes her look heavy in the stomach area- which she totally isn’t! Bad choice, bad color, bad pattern, bad, bad, BAD.

Emily Blunt: What in the world is with this dress?! The British actress is wearing a dress that is odd color paring, first of all, and it’s too long, and is making me dizzy. I like her shoes though.

Alyson Hannigan: The How I Met Your Mother Star looks odd in this outfit. I can’t stop starring at those horrible shoes.

Kat Graham: The actress looks uncomfortable in this dress. The top is too “S&M” for my liking, or for this event. The floor length skirt of this dress is almost too formal for an event like Comic Con. She stood out, and not in a good way!

Shailene Woodley: Shailene looks like she just didn’t care enough to even make an effort. She looks very sloppy, and what is with the hat?

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