One Direction: Best Song Ever

Here is One Direction’s latest creation for their new single “Best Song Ever.”

The video is brilliant, and the make up and costumes, and acting of these SINGERS are awesome! It is such a funny video, it will sure to lift your spirits.

The song is definitely going to be a hit, it is very catchy and has a great sound.

The message of the video is something I really admire about this band- basically that they will not change for anyone, and there is a reason that they are so popular and that is because they stay true to themselves. One Direction, besides being heart throbs and snazzy dressers, and obviously talented young men are clearly very humble and hard workers that appreciate every little bit of fame and exposure and support they get from fans. Really something that a lot of “celebrities” should take into consideration!!

PS: I just love how they have freely come out and have said we can’t dance, we look like losers, yet they always try and incorporate quirky dance combos in their videos.

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