Best Dressed: 2013 Comic Con

An event I have ALWAYS wanted to attend is Comic Con in San Diego. I would definitely classify myself as a “geek”…I love all things werewolves and vampires, and this is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by the marvel’s of the “other world.”

Here are my best dressed stars from Comic Con!

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Lily Collins: One of my favorite trends of the summer is the matching crop top, patterned suits. I’m loving Lily’s classic, summery yet not overwhelming look. She looks very put together in the black and white ensemble and that patch of black in the front of her shorts really grounds the outfit. Her hair and makeup are stunning!

Minka Kelly: I am a big fan of Minka Kelly, I think she is a great actress and has a great timeless, simple look. She is so beautiful and I am loving this pastel light dress against her golden skin. Her nude Louboutins were a perfect pair for this outfit…her legs look a mile long!

Ginnifer Goodwin: I love love love this dress on the Once Upon A Time actress. Green is definitely her color- she looks like a little wood nymph!! Her porcelain skin pairs so well with the bold, rich green. I love the shape of this dress, it’s fun and classy all at the same time. One of my best dressed of the event!

Crystal Reed: I love Crystal Reed, she is one of my favorite characters in the hit show Teen Wolf. Her outfit is perfect for summer, and very pretty and I love the pop of highlighter, fluorescent yellow heels. Great look!

Anna Paquin: I have been finding Anna Paquin on my best dressed list quite a lot lately. This tight red dress is very appropriate for the event (and show she is representing) and I am obsessed with the black leather peep-toe booties. She really does know how to dress and definitely works it!

Emily VanCamp: It is refreshing to see beautiful girls wearing pants as appose to dresses at events like these. First of all, Emily’s hair and makeup are perfection. Her outfit is very basic, but appropriate as Comic Con is about fun, relaxing, and interacting with fans. Her white Louboutin stilettos really brighten up the outfit and prevent it from looking to dominatrix!

Keri Russell: Keri looks very simple and elegant for this event. Her tweed shorts are awesome, so sophisticated and timeless. I love how she took such a classic piece and paired it with a plain white tee- genius!

Hailee Steinfeld: This young actress has really started to dip her toes into the high fashion world. This dress is so much fun, so pretty, so summery and looks AMAZING on her. She looks so beautiful and mature, but youthful because of the fun colors and pattern of this dress. Another of my best dressed!

Vampire Diaries Cast: This picture features stars of the hit show Vampire Diaries; Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Paul Wesley and Candice Accola. This is such a good looking cast it’s hard not to state…seriously. I love their outfits because they attain perfectly to their individual styles. Both Ian and Paul look super hot, as always, in their V-neck t-shirts and jacets, Kat is very eccentric and crazy so this bright blue leather dress looks killer on her and Candice is very classy and fun, I love her red simple dress with the bright yellow earrings!

Emily Deschanel: This is such a cute shape for a leather dress!! As we all know, I am obsessed with leather dresses, but I have never seen one with such a feminine shape. Emily look so pretty in this short sleeve, A line dress. I need to have it. Anybody know where I can find it?!

Hailee Steinfeld: Another outfit that Hailee Steinfeld wore at Comic Con topped our best dressed list! This is the coolest dress I have ever seen. It is very “evil eye” inspired, which fits so perfectly for the theme of this event. She looks so fresh and put together. Another best dressed of the day! PS: I need this dress as well, where is it from?!

Danai Gurira: Danai looks flawless in this gold patterned dress. It looks amazing against her skin tone, and fits her perfectly. The shape is so great on her body. Love!

Eva Green: The actress looks very sultry, as usual, in this beautiful royal blue with black detailing below the knee dress. It is very well tailored, and suits her personality perfectly.

Nina Dobrev: Nina could never not be on my best dressed list. She’s perfect. She looks so amazing with this out of the magazine ensemble. The shorts are ridiculous they’re so cute. I love the completely opposite look of the stripes and floral, yet the shirt ties in with a patch of the pattern from the shorts. The pinkish/purplish stilettos are the only shoe for this outfit. She looks flawless! BEST DRESSED.

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley: These three together equal the most good looking thing I can think of. I love this other look Nina chose for Comic Com, it is chic and effortless, and once again those boys are just dreamy.

Anna Paquin: Again! A lot of doubles on the list today. Anna Paquin looks very vampy and put together in her all black number. I love when she wears black because it looks so great against her blonde hair. So pretty!

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