Possible Royal Baby Names

Now that news has officially broke that Kate Middleton is in labour with Prince William’s baby- the whole world has started placing bets on what their future child will be named. Here are a list of some of my favorite possible names for the royal couples offspring!

If it’s a GIRL:

  • Victoria: Obviously, the famous Queen Victoria would be a great name to keep in the royal family. It is very pretty and feminine.
  • Charlotte: A very English name. It is a very popular name within the royal family; King Geroge III wife was named Charlotte, and it is also Kate’s sister Pippa’s middle name.
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth is an obvious choice as it is Prince William’s grandmothers name, and it is also Kate’s middle name. This would be a great bet as a name, or possibly middle name.
  • Alexandra: One of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names. Although not my favorite name, it has been very popular as a “bet” amongst people.
  • Diana: Diana would be a beautiful name to play tribute to Prince Williams mother.
  • Caroline: There are several former royal’s who have held the name Caroline.
  • Honor: This is a name of one of Prince William’s ancestors. It is so different yet suitable for the name of such an important baby.

If it’s a BOY:

  •   Harry: Harry is such a classic British name, and adorable for a baby. Plus, Harry is the name of Prince Williams brother, which would be adorable if he was named after his uncle!
  • James: Again, another classic British name. There were many royals with the name James, and it is also the name of Kate’s brother.
  • William Jr.: Naming your son after his father is always an option, especially within the royal family.
  • Edward: Edward is a very old English name that can be found throughout centuries of the royal family.
  • Michael: Michael is a bit more modern and a really nice strong name for a boy. Kate father’s name is Michael, and there is also a Prince Michael of Kent who is Queen Elizabeth’s cousin.

What do you think the royal baby will/should be named?!

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