Lindsay’s Tips for Seadooing



Due to the unfortunate circumstances that arouse while seadooing this past weekend, I have decided to put together a list of tips I feel are very important before hitting the water.

1. Seadoo’s can be very fun, but everyone needs to realize and respect that they are a heavy piece of machinery and not a toy.

2. Driving responsibly is key (especially if you have a passenger or if there are other people on the water…) (ie: don’t do any dangerous “stunts”, don’t try and flip people, NEVER DRIVE ANY VEHICLE WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE etc.)

3. Go out with a partner or a seadoo buddy. It is always in your best interest to have someone with you.

4. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET. I learnt this weekend that if it weren’t for my cousins life jacket we most likely would not have him here today.

5. When going out with more than 1 seadoo, be cautious of other drivers and what they’re doing.

6. Have your safety kit on your seadoo at all times (as well as your boater licenses.)

7. Donuts are (apparently) illegal- make sure you know what is allowed and not allowed when operating a seadoo. (Think of it like a large boat…you cannot do donuts in a boat.)

8. This machine is meant for pleasure, not recklessness.

9. It is very easy to go very fast on these machines. Keep that in mind.

10. Know the lake/river/ocean/body of water you are taking your seadoo out on. For example, where there are islands, where there are markers for high rocks etc.

If anyone has any of their own tips they’d like to add, I’d love to here them! I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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