From Good to Bad in a Week

As mentioned in my previous post I have had a crazy week that started out awesome and ended horribly.

Monday night we took a trip to Toronto to spend three nights and go see the One Direction concert.

First off, there was a crazy flood the day we went to Toronto and it was brutal trying to get to our destination. Major roads were underwater, traffic lights were down and people were driving like maniacs, it was complete chaos! We finally made it to our destination safe and sound. The days following we’re bright, hot and sunny…thank god!

We had some fantastic meals at restaurants such as:

  • The famous Soto Soto (every celebrity you can think of has eaten there.) I enjoyed an amazing Italian meal: antipasti platter (best grilled calamari I have ever had) and a delish pasta dish.
  • We went to our hotel (Soho Metropolitan) restaurant TWICE and I had the same thing both times it was so great. Balsamic marinated tofu over bean, corn, quinoa.
  • The restaurant at The Colonade where I had cauliflower steak (yes, that’s right.) It was cauliflower cooked the way you would cook a steak…DELISH.
  • Chino Locos is a burrito joint that makes huge burritos with chow mein noodles in the wrap. I had a chicken burrito that was full of beans, avocado, chow mein noodles etc.
  • Joey’s at the Yorkdale mall is always great food. I had two hand rolls, pan fried dumplings with a mustard sauce and garlic and chilli edmame beans. AWESOME!

Besides the great food I went a little crazy in the shopping department. Here are several items I picked up!

I bought this great Coach cross over leather bag (buy here) in burgundy. I think it will look great in the fall…I can’t wait to wear it! I love love love these Armani Exchange military shorts (buy here). What makes these work is the baggy, not so fitted look of these trendy shorts. I bought two dresses in Club Monaco on my trip (oops!) Both of them happen to be black and white stripped dresses. This Emily knitted dress (buy here) is a great shape and is very versatile to wear in most seasons. My other black and white stripped dress is unfortunately not available for purchase online but it is a short sleeve dress with very thick stripes! I bought ANOTHER dress, this time from Guess by Marciano. It is obvious that I love leather, and this Ladereth Dress (buy black version here) is no exception! The bottom of my dress is white though- which makes it very edgy and girly at the same time! I love Kate Spade! She is so quirky and fun, her designs are the best. I bought two pieces of jewelry from her that I am obsessed with: this bottle opener necklace- how fun to wear to a summer party, and this adorable “movie related” bracelet! (buy them here)

NOW…for my favorite part of this entire trip…THE ONE DIRECTION CONCERT. Honest to God, this concert was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I was certifiably deaf after leaving that arena due to the screaming girls, but it was so worth it! They barely took a break and rocked every song, I could not stop signing and dancing. I was sitting very close to the ground (8 rows up) but not very, very close to the stage, but to my surprise they took a lift over to the a mini stage that was set up RIGHT in front of me and performed 1/3 of their concert there! Yippee! I would definitely recommend anyone to see one of their concert, and I would go to another in a heart beat! They had this great video playing at the beginning of their concert and throughout that made it a really fun “comedy” type performance- loved every minute! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are really easy to look at. *Sigh*


My great week took an unfortunate turn for the worse this weekend. Every year a group of us go out to my friends camp and have a great time. On Friday night it was just our group of friends (and other acquaintances were set to come Saturday) and it was such a great time. Saturday morning we woke up, decided we should go for a seadoo ride (there were 6 seadoos, 5 with two people each…this was out first mistake.) We were not on the water 10 minutes and the seadoo I was a passenger on hit another seadoo that my cousin and his girlfriend were on. Because we were going so fast we hit their seadoo like a “jump” and we landed perfectly on the water while they got hit and thrown off. When we stopped all I could see was my friend (and cousins girlfriend) looking around frantically, and finally noticed my cousin facedown floating in the water. Thank god for the boys who quickly swam over to grab him and I was so scared and thought he was dead. He eventually took a breath but his arm was badly hurt (the bone pierced through the skin and was broken in half near his shoulder.) We all rushed to the nearest hospital which was very small. Fortunately no one died, or was permanently injured but my cousin had a horrible broken arm that needed surgery, a bruised lung, severe whiplash and concussion and possible nerve damage (we not know he thankfully does not have nerve damage.) His girlfriend got the lesser end of the hit and suffered a severe concussion, very bad whip lash, very bad arm and a swore and swollen collarbone. I am proud to say that my group of friends, including myself, worked fast and effectively as a team to help our friends. If we had not acted so fast as a team, the results could have been much worse. Both my cousin and friend don’t remember the incident- thank god because it was truly traumatizing and I have had nightmares about it ever since. I am okay, just have whiplash, bruises, sore legs, neck and back and a swollen and bruised neck/chin. Nothing compared to my cousin and his girlfriend, so I am not complaining.

We are so lucky that the end result was what it was. It could have been a lot worse and ended in permanent damage or death. I will be writing a post in the near future on my tips for going out on the water on seadoos. Although, I myself will not be going near one for a very, very long time…if ever.

Seadoos are not toys, although they seem like them, and must be operated with care and safely used. Trust me!!

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