Life Update

Hi guys!

So I may not be adding many posts in the upcoming week as my week is JAMMED PACK.

Tonight we leave for Toronto to take a three day mini-holiday and see ONE DIRECTION!! So excited. As soon as we get back we leave for a friend’s camp that we go to for a weekend every year.

Juice cleanse update: I am all done my 3 day juice cleanse- on day two it was a lot easier to take the juice and I had so much energy. I felt great and was not starving at all. But, that night I felt so sick- not sure if that was due to juicing. When the third and final day came around I started out great, then come 3 o’lock, because I was at camp, surrounded by great food…I ate.:( So technically I lasted 2 and a half days. I am attempting to eat healthier so that I feel better. More fruits and veggies, and less fried foods. I would definitely recommend a juice cleanse for anyone who just wants to cleanse their system, and get a great kick start to eating healthy.

I will try my best to write some posts this week!

Lindsay xx

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