Juice Cleanse: Update

Hi all!

So last night I completed day one of three of my juice cleanse.

The positives:

  • I was not overly hungry
  • I was not weak
  • I had energy
  • I felt good
  • The juices are so fresh

I did not have high expectations for the “Green Energy” drink…but it is so awful. Salad really should never be in liquid form. I gagged quite a few times while drinking THE TWO bottles of green juice yesterday. It was not pleasant at all…and the mere taste almost made me quit.

The “Red Energy” was the second worst. It was really “earthy” and the strong beet flavor was unpleasant.

I liked the lemon drink although it was pretty spicy!! You can see all the little bits of cayenne floating around, but it was very refreshing and woke me right up.

The “Very Berry” was amazing! So delish. I could drink it everyday.

By the end of the night I was feeling pretty bummed not having food. I am such a foodie so I was craving something. I missed actually eating something (the crunch of the celery, the crispness of an apple.) Last night I had made the decision I was going to no longer drink the three horrible drinks (two green and 1 red) and instead eat the raw veggies that those juices contained.

BUT, I am proud to say this morning I woke up and told myself to just drink the juice and get it over with…only two more days left. So I drank the horrid juice and am happy I did!

Will update more soon:)

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