Tip Tuesday: Drink Water

I know it is such a cliché for people to say you should always drink water, but seriously, you need to.

I was one of those people who very rarely drank water- my liquid intake consisted of Pepsi, milk, juice, ginger ale etc. One day I decided I should really cut down on those drinks…now I am a water addict, it’s pretty much all I drink and I feel so much better.

For your energy, body, skin, hair etc. drinking a lot of water and keeping hydrated is so important- and makes the world of difference. This really, truly is one of my best beauty secrets. When you are hydrated you look so much healthier, sleep so much better, and are overall BETTER.

There is so many benefits to water. Everyone should drink a whole glass of water 30 minutes before each meal, because it fills you up and allows you to eat less<- for those looking for diet secrets, this is key.

Sometimes it’s hard throughout the day to remember to keep drinking water, even if it is sitting in front of you. For me, I fill up a whole water bottle in the morning and drink the entire thing on my way to work (it takes about 20 mins) to get there. I do this again at lunch, and then keep a water bottle at my desk, or on me for the remainder of the day to make sure I am always properly hydrated.

If you aren’t a water addict- become one!! I used to not drink it because I thought it was boring. If you want to make it more flavorful opt for flavored water. NOT the one’s from the grocery store that are full of crap that is bad for you- make your own. Add any fruits, vegetables or herbs to your water and they keep in the fridge for days.

One of my favorite flavored water recipes is:

  • 2 limes, quartered (juice them into your water, then throw in the already squeezed limes so the flavor just sits in the water)
  • raspberries (squeeze them a bit to release the juices, but don’t much them)
  • ice
  • water

So simple, and so good.

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