2013 BET Awards: Worst Dressed

With every positive, is a negative….so here are my fails for fashion at the BET Awards!

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Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose: Finally, appropriate outfits coming from these too! Amber looks great in yellow, but I am not loving this Versace dress. To me the top looks knitted and makes her look very wide in the shoulders. She really is a beautiful woman with a great body and I wish she would go for things that compliment her rather than make her look boxy. Wiz looks sloppy, and what is that hanging out of his pocket? Dress up a little!

Brandy: I am so mad! Brandy ruined this perfectly beautiful Michael Cinco lace dress with those god awful lace boot sandal things. If she would have worn a simple shoe in a nude, she would have killed it! Shame on you!

Mariah Carey: I hate this dress. She looks like she is trying to be a mermaid, but got caught in a fishing net. If the netting wouldn’t have been part of the dress, and it was a short white dress with silver detailing, she would have looked so pretty.

Tatyana Ali: This dress looks like shards of glass were glued on to it. It is strange, and unflattering on Tatyana. The scooped neck on this dress is odd as well- it’s a long U instead of a V and doesn’t look good at all!

Lala Anthony: Shoulder pads are a nono. The addition of this dress makes her look like a football player for starters! This is a horrible dress, that no one should wear.

French Montana: What made him look in the mirror and think “I look badass.” Try you look bad…and look like an ass for wearing such a horrible outfit.

2 Chainz: What is with the hat?! And the studded shoes. He’s all over the place, it’s confusing.

Lauren London: If only Lauren would have opted for a classier shirt she would of looked great! Everything from her neck up, and her waist down is perfect. The white sheer top and black bra looks like she is going to a beach party. Trashy for the BET Red Carpet!

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