Tip Tuesday: Teeth Whitening

Coconut Oil Coconut Oil

If you are like me and have sensitive teeth and just cannot wear those crest white strips to save your life, I have a new solution!

I learnt about the magic of coconut oil thanks to my cousin, and honestly it is the best teeth whitening solution.

I buy my coconut oil from the local health food store- this is a completely edible ingredient, and is usually found where the food is kept.

Be sure not to buy the clear, already liquid coconut oil…buy the solid like the picture above. Also, make sure to buy a jar that says “extra virgin” or “raw.”

The texture is like Vaseline and as soon as you put a spoonful in your mouth it melts into a liquid. Swish it around your mouth for as long as you can, and push it through your teeth so it gets into the cracks, (10-20 minutes is best, I usually do this while I take a shower) and then spit it out afterwards. I promise you will notice a different in just a couple of days; I did!
I was really nervous to try this because I thought I would gag having something like coconut oil in my mouth for that long, but it wasn’t bad at all, and the coconut flavor really is not strong.

Coconut oil is great for your teeth- it fights bacteria, prevents gingivitis and tartar build up, and whitens your teeth while doing so!

For more information on the benefits of coconut oil visit: http://www.usedeverywhere.com/top-5-uses-for-coconut-oil-in-your-bathroom/

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