Toronto For The Weekend

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. We decided to head down to Toronto for a couple of nights, take in a Blue Jays game and squeeze in some shopping time. Now I have a couple of things to cover from my mini-vacay.

1. Toronto is FILLED with great shopping- when I am not browsing in the street stores, I love going to the Yorkdale Mall. Every store is conveniently located in the huge mall, and it is so clean I swear you can eat off the floor. I was in the shopping mood, but unfortunately did not buy as many new purchases as I would have liked to. Here is what I bought:


My two favorite purchases were these Armani Exchange Dresses:

1. I love the look of this army green flared dress. It is so flattering when on, it is a great dress to wear during the day, or dress up in the evening. This utility fit and flare dress is available for purchase here.

2. This is the perfect summer dress- in fact I am wearing it as I type on this 30°C day. It is so light and airy- I currently have it paired with gold sandals, but it would look great with a heel for a summer night out. This dress is available for purchase here.

The following day, on our way back home we made a pit stop at the Vaughan Mills Mall, which consists mostly of outlet stores. I don’t normally find things I want to buy in this mall, but yesterday was different and I came home with a few purchases. I bought a very light blue Lacoste Polo (needed one for golf, they’re such a classic), a navy blue, short sleeve  Lacoste cable knit sweater (it is oversized and perfect for those chilly nights), a plain 3/4 length royal blue Guess “lazy” shirt (this is the perfect shirt for running around, doing housework, or just hanging out), finally I picked up a pair of gold Guess sandals (that were 50% off!!)

Now, I love going to Toronto because of all the amazing restaurants to choose from. My FAVORITE restaurant right now in Toronto is the Beer Bistro- ( I love coming here for dinner, it’s a great atmosphere with a bar section and dining room section. They have one of the largest draft beer selections in all of Toronto, and a majority of items on their menu are made with beer. I highly recommend trying the Beer Bistro, it has never failed me. Here are some of my favorites off the menu:

  • Beer: Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell…this is a German beer that is very similar to Corona in the way that it is light and crisp and doesn’t make you feel full
  • Appetizer: Cheese & Lager Fondue…I looovee fondue, and this one is that is made with a delish lager is so great. Perfect appetizer to share (or have by yourself if you are feeling greedy.)
  • Meal: Steak Frites…Honest to god, one of the best steaks ever. It is a grilled flat iron steak, topped with tarragon butter, caramelized shallots and ale-braised mushrooms. This dish also comes surrounded by their fries which are AMAZING, they are blanched in beef and duck fat- trust me you can’t eat just one.

Another great restaurant in Toronto, found on restaurant row is the Italian joint “The Kit-Kat (” This is such a funky restaurant inside, and a great atmosphere. They are very reasonably priced and have a great selection of food. I went there on Saturday night and ordered their antipasto platter which is always great. as well as their special pasta which was tri-colored tortellini in a sun dried tomato sauce with eggplant and roasted red peppers- yum!

In the last few years I have fallen in love with baseball. Going to a game is the best way to spend a summers afternoon, or evening. On Saturday we went to the Jays game as they are on a winning streak and have tied for most games won this season in the franchise (as of Sunday.) Around the same time I started getting into baseball, I was reading a book by famous actress Alyssa Milano called “Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic.” This book was such a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone (male or female) to read if you love baseball, or are interested in the sport at all. I learnt so much in her book, and it was also very cool to read about what the sport meant to her.

Alyssa is so passionate about baseball, that she also has her own line of clothing for women to support their team called Touch By Alyssa Milano. I always seem to find myself buying her shits because they are not the typical pink clothing for girls. Here are some of my favorite pieces from her collection on sale here:

PS: Not only is Touch by Alyssa Milano for MLB teams, but you can find all professional sports gear!

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