Kim Kardashian: Pregnancy Style

Now that Kim Kardashian is no longer pregnant I thought this would be a great opportunity to look back at her maternity style. Kim has been getting such a hassle over her weight gain. She is constantly being called fat, or a whale, which I think is just disgusting- you should never call a pregnant woman fat.

I personally think Kim Kardashian was beautiful pregnant. She didn’t shy away from the fashion world and really embraced her “bump.” Here are my favorite looks from Kim’s pregnancy:

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Kim had a lot of really classic looks while pregnant- and really played up her clothing choices. I found she veered a lot towards black (although I always think Kim looks great in black), she spiced up the classic boring, neutral black each time.

Although Kim admitted to having a hard time while being pregnant, I think she looked very comfortable and I think it’s great that she cared enough to dress up and not look like a slob just because she was pregnant.

Kim wore a lot of dresses while pregnant (usually knee length, or maxi), and I think that was a great choice to cover her belly, yet have it exposed at the same time.

1. Kim looks so classy in the red, knee length dress. The nude pumps make her legs look very long, and because there is a lot of fabric near her neck, wearing her hair up was a great choice.

2. I love love love this picture of Kim. For anyone to be calling her fat is awful- how can you call this fat?! She looks so beautiful, and I love that she flaunts her stomach with this royal purple bikini.

3. Here is a prime example of a black dress with a twist that Kim famously rocks. The lace detailing looks so couture and she looks so sophisticated.

4. I love how Kim’s bumped looks with a high-waist skirt. She looks very professional and classy.

5. Kim looked great in maxi-dresses. I would imagine these are very comfortable, and flow nicely when you’re pregnant.

6. Here is the white maxi-dress Kim wore to her baby shower. The theme of the shower was formal garden party and she looks virginal, as well as maternal in this dress. Really pretty.

7. This is one of my favorite looks Kim wore. She is notorious for rocking leather and I loved that she kept her pre-pregnant edge and paired it with such a beautiful long dress that had a belt to cut off right above her belly. The bangs, and ponytail are great!

8. This is a great picture of Kim running around. This t-shirt type, beige dress is so cute for spring/summer. She looks very fresh.

9. Kim’s “casual” outfits she wore while travelling were perfect for anyone- pregnant or not. She paired jeans with a t-shirt and blazer to tie it all in. She looks casual and comfy- which is key!

10. I love this blush bubble dress Kim wore. She looks so pretty, and soft. This is another of my favorite looks of pregnant Kim.

11. As I mentioned earlier, Kim’s dresses all had a fashion edge to them like this grey long sleeve. The bejewelled detailing make it a winner.

12. Again, Kim wears a fashion forward black dress. Again, it looks great!

13. Red is great on Kim, and this maxi-dress has a great neckline for her body. She looks very put-together.

14. I know I’m repetitive, but I love Kim in leather and high-waist skirts. This outfit is another of my favs. She doesn’t let her belly become an obstruction when looking great- she incorporates it perfectly into her outfits.

15. Black + Leather = Money

16. I LOVE Kim’s neon look. This bright pink maxi with the yellow heels are so perfect. She looks unreal- favourite look!

17. Kim loves to put a spin on every outfit, including her comfy clothes. This long black lace cardigan? Duster? I’m not sure what to call it, but it looks nice!

18. Now, this type of top is not something I’d normally like. But, Kim rocked it. She looks great wearing high-couture type clothing.

19. This is a great structured black trench coat on Kim. Her legs look awesome!

20. Another. Favorite. Outfit. This patterned maxi with the leather jacket and pulled back hair is such a perfect look on Kim. She looks very chic/badass.

21. Such a pretty lace, peach outfit. She looks like a delicate doll in this outfit.

22. Here is another example of Kim’s casual jean, t-shirt and blazer look.

23. I love trench coats. This is a great travelling look that Kim put together. Looks great but is also comfortable.

24. These shoes are awesome! These are a pair of heels that Kanye designed and paired with a simple black dress like Kim’s they look killer.

25. Another beautiful maxi!

For the most part I really loved Kim’s pregnancy look, but like everything else, there were some negatives. Check out my least favourite outfits that Kim wore:


1. Kim just looks tired in this picture, and her outfit matches. Her coat is sloppy, her leggings are too tight and her shoes look like jazz shoes.

2. These pieces would be fine alone, but together it’s just too much black on black on black.

3. I’m not sure what is up with the scarf (?) around Kim’s neck, or why the upper part of her body looks like she is dressed to go to Hogwarts. Her shoes also look really funny because the peep toe is so small that it looks like an accidental hole in the top of her shoe.

4. Everything she is wearing is too baggy- especially those pants.

5. I love trench coats, when they’re worn right. If she would have done up her jacket, or left it open and not tied the belt it would have looked way better.

6. Are those sport pants? Whatever they are they are awful.

7. Love the shoes, but the dress needs to be tailored.

8. Way too much fabric going on here- and the “haute couture” look that I love on Kim, looks horrid here.

9. This would be a great outfit if the pants weren’t so baggy and were shorter.

10. If these pants were a peplum skirt I would love it. As a pant they’re god awful.

11. I would think this was a pretty outfit if it didn’t have this random spiked bling, cleavage showing centerpiece.

12. Way too structured and sloppy.

13. Love the pieces separately, but together it’s just too much- unless this was St. Patrick’s Day.

14. This dress makes Kim look like a seagull, and those shoes OUCH they look like they kill. Ew.

15. Love the pattern, just too much material on such a petite woman.

16. I’m so mad about this look. I thought Kim looked so beautiful until I realized her shoes matched and that the dress didn’t stop at the wrist- it has gloves. I wish she would have done this differently- the dress would have looked beautiful on her with the train and her bump looks so cute!

What was your favorite Kim K maternity outfit?

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