Book Club Read #1: Go Pro: Seven Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional

Hi all!

Now, bare with me for a sec. I know this is an odd choice for a “Book Club” read, and I never usually read books like this.

I have a business unit with the international┬ácompany Nucerity (for more information please visit and my partners swear that this little book changed their lives and outlook into network marketing (please note: NOT a pyramid scam!) They all call this book their “bible” and I have noticed such a positive change in their business approach, and it really is just so simplified and easy breezy.

Since I of course feel I should read this book- I thought those interested would like to read with me too (you never know)! It is a very short read, but apparently worth it.

The book I will be reading is called: Go Pro: Seven Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre. Eric Worre is the master of network marketing and he has an approach that isn’t technical or confusing.

I’m actually very excited to start reading this book, which is available for purchase [here].

If anyone happens to be interested in being apart of this amazing business Nucerity please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, or concerns.



Looking forward to discussing this book after I’m done reading it!

Lindsay xx

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