YES Theatre 4th Annual Gala

Last night I attended the 4th annual gala for a local theatre company called YES Theatre. I am a huge supporter of YES Theatre which was founded by a very good friend of mine- actor, singer, director (etc.) Alessandro Costantini.

Every year they have a gala (which includes dinner and amazing entertainment) to raise money for their upcoming shows that premier in the summer. This year they will be doing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (runs from August 9th-24th…buy tickets here) unlike you’ve ever seen before. I am telling you, these plays are unreal and something you do not want to miss. In the past years they have done Hair!, RENT, and Spring Awakening and every time I have seen one of these plays they have left me wishing I could sing and perform like these actors can. Every year new talent finds their way to YES Theatre, and of course there are plenty of original actors from previous shows. I always go in knowing they’re good and that the show will be awesome, but they never cease to amaze me.

PS: My pictures are horrible quality as I am currently using my phone

To the gala I wore this amazing Armani Exchange dress that has leather skirt and leather detailing on top. This dress was so comfortable and fit like a glove! This all black dress is no longer available for purchase but the white and black version is available here. If you are not a fan of the white and black leather, no need to worry; leather is huge right now and there are tons of available options. Here is a similar look to the dress I wore last night.

The shoes I wore…I am obsessed with. They are beautiful for summer, are super high, but suprisingly very comfortable and not difficult to walk in! Bonus! These beautiful tan leather sandals by Michael Kors are unfortunately no longer available BUT the black version are for sale here. If you aren’t loving the black and are dying to have the tan here are a version that are very close in style to the ones I wore!

Last year I travelled to London and I fell in love, so, I buy anything London related. I had to have this Union Jack decked out, hard, skull clutch. It is still available for purchase at Town Shoes (buy here)! I didn’t really want to wear any loud colors last night so I kept my outfit overall pretty neutral. The “pop” in my outfit would be the leather, the shoes, and this sparkly clutch!

For those who wish to know more about YES Theatre, their upcoming show and/or their previous shows please visit:

YES Theatre is always looking for donations and sponsorships to get this amazing show off the road, and this year Jesus Christ Superstar will be costing them a wopping $76,000!! If anyone happens to be interested in helping out such a great local, young talented company you can find information on how to do so on their website!


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