2013 MMVA’s: Worst Dressed

Now, for the worst dressed at the MMVA’s held in Toronto Sunday, June 16th, 2013.

I am happy to say there weren’t that many horrible outfits at the MMVA’s, so I threw in some outfits that I  thought weren’t “great.” Here are my picks:

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Avril Lavigne: Okay, so here is Avril’s red carpet look… Far away you think oh she’s wearing a black dress, fine. Up close she is wearing a medieval, spiked, metal crown. I don’t know. I don’t even know what to say because it’s so wierd.

Brittany Snow: Brittany is so cute I don’t know why she decided to wear a dress that is so aging. I know the trendy things these days are polka dots, sheer, and short dresses under a sheer longer dress- but this doesn’t work for me. I think it looks a little cheap, and this type of dress is very unflattering on her rather flattering figure. The heel is also way to chunky for this dress- she looks like she is going to a funeral, actually. I loved her makeup though. Unfortunately Brittany was the worst dressed of the night for me!

PSY: Even though this tends to be PSY’s signature look, I hate the vest things he wears. Especially this one, it looks like he has major shoulder pads. The odd cutoff of the sleeves makes him look like he has really large upper arms- and not in the good way.

Cody Simpson: Cody Simpson looks like such a doll! I love the casual beige pant look with the muscle shirt, and slicked back hair but I hate this jean vest. It completely ruins his look- when I saw this picture I didn’t even realize it was him because my eyes went straight to the vest and took a minute before I looked anywhere else.

Tyler Hoechlin: Nooo, I am such a huge fan of Tyler Hoechlin- particularly him as a hunky alpha wolf of “Teen Wolf,” so I am very sad he made my worst dressed list. He is such a good looking guy and this outfit is all over the place. The grandpa suit trousers, plus the plain very casual white t-shirt that doesn’t fit great, and his dark, army style blazer doesn’t add up. Although these are all neutral colors, they do not compliment eachother, and the end result is Tyler looking sloppy and not put together.

Anjulie: The worst part of Anjulie’s look is her hair- it’s a horrible cut and color and is something that needs to be changed right away. While I was watching the show and Anjulie was speaking I could not take my eyes off her hair…I just wanted to jump into the TV and change it myself. Her dress is also a little confusing. It is not properly tailored and a low v-neck is not very flattering on her. This dress looks like it was sewn wrong at the middle seem and it looks crooked and BLAH. I think I change my vote on worst dressed of the night!


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