2013 MMVA’s: Best Dressed

The MMVA’s are one of my favorite awards show because they take place right here in Ontario!

Here were some of my favorite looks of the night:

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Lucy Hale: I love love love Lucy Hale. I am a huge fan, and I think she is so beautiful, and I love the way she dresses. This cute white bubble dress looks amazing on her, and she paired her dress with a really fun, bright fuscia heel. She is so petite so this dress was a great choice for her. It does not weigh her down in the least bit, and the light colored dress and bright heels give the illusion that she’s a lot taller than she is. Her hair and makeup are always flawless. Best dressed of the night!!

Shay Mitchell: Fellow Ontarian Shay Mitchell looked amazing last night. Her trendy matching crop top and skirt ensemble are awesome. Great colors for her skin tone, and the pattern is fun, and very appropriate for the event. The metallic pointed heels are a great neutral for this busy outfit. Everything about her from her outfit, to her hair and makeup are dead on. There is a tie between my favorite outfits of the night- and so funny that they are both from the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars.

Taylor Swift: I was pleasently surprised by Taylor Swift’s outfit last night. For me, her outfits are either a hit or miss, but this one was definitely a hit. I love this dress because it is soft, yet edgy at the same time. She doesn’t look like she is trying to hard, and that is what works for her. I really liked that she paired a shoe that was more on the edgier side than the softer because it really brings her look together. The red lipstick was a great touch to add some color, and keep the overall theme of her look going.

Stephen Amell: He is so good looking. The Arrow star looked great in his navy suit. He almost reminded me of David Beckham here- yum! He looks dressed up but not too formal, and his brown leather shoes bring the entire look together. My only criticism would be that he should of fastened the bottom button because that little peek a boo of his tie doesn’t look as put together as the rest of his outfit does! Other than that, good work!

Naya Rivera: I honestly think Naya Rivera is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood at the moment. Her look is so exotic and sophisticated that it’s hard not to look at her. She looked amazing last night! I’m not sure if she lost weight (not that she ever needed to) but her body is looking unreal! This black one piece jump suit is so sexy and classy all at the same time- I want it. The sheer panelling is a really pretty touch, and the hair and makeup are perfect. I have nothing more to say- love it. I think I actually have a three way tie of best dressed…

Avril Lavigne: Now, you will find that Avril has found herself on both the best, and worst dressed list- which rarely happens. This is the look she wore while perfoming live at the MMVA`s and I think she looks great. I find Avril tries to hard (see red carpet appearance look on “Worst Dressed”) and she attempts to look too punk or too bad ass. We all know you’re very punk and bad ass Avril, you don’t need to remind us. This performance outfit screamed Avril Lavigne, and she looked so pretty and cool wearing it. This is how I would like to see her more often!

Demi Lovato: Demi killed it last night! First of all, she should always be a blonde, it looks awesome on her. Second, her little black dress with the silver detailing was very simple, but it’s all she needed to get on this best dressed list. This is a new look for her, the smokey eye and “natural” look, the blonde hair and dark clothes…she looks very fashionable!

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