Umami Paste

I am obsessed with this little tube of magic. Taste #5 Umami Paste is a must have for any chef, cook, even amateur in the kitchen.

I only found this product a couple months ago when I was shopping for gifts for my mom in a gourmet food store. I saw this little fun looking box and started reading the ingredients (ripe tomatoes, parmesean cheese, black olives, balsamic vinegar etc.)- basically everything I like, so I bought it.

The first thing I put the Umami Paste in was my burgers. After combining all the ingredients we normally use to make burgers we added in a good squeeze of the paste and what a difference it made. After that I started putting it in my pasta sauces, I added it to my mayonaise to give my sandwhiches a kick, I even just eat it as is on a piece of bread.

It is such a versatile product, with so many amazing ingredients and great flavors. This product can transform many meals from “that’s good” to “OH MY GOD.”

For more information on Taste #5 Umami, and recipes to use it visit

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