Graduation and Prom Looks

Since June tends to be the month for highschool graduations and proms I have decided to put together some of my favorite looks and tips!

Graduation: Let’s be honest, the actual graduation ceremony is brutal. It is long, it is hot, it is sweaty, it is boring and there are hundreds of people crammed together in one room (usually a gym.) Here are some great pieces to beat the heat, but still look great:

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These outfits are great options for looking fresh and summery. The AX Balloon Skirt Dress (buy here) is very classy and neutral, it is a great basic dress that you can add fun accessories to. The Lace Panel Dress (buy here) is fresh, colorful and has pretty lace ventilation. I love this Ombre Skater Dress (buy here) it is such a flattering style for so many body types and the ombre look is very on-trend right now. Want to be a little different? Try this Tang House retro puff dress (buy here) for a fun, flirty twist. If you’d rather not wear a dress or skirt, my suggestion would be to try a romper. They are so versatile, have the comfort of shorts but look a little more dressy. This black floral romper (buy here) is the perfect look! Finally, go for a skirt like this one from Nasty Gal (buy here.) You can mix and match whatever shirts you like and have something a little different than everyone else.

NOW, what people tend to forget is that if you are a graduate at these ceremonies, people will see you in a graduation gown and graduation cap 90% of the time. So, while what you are wearing is always important, make sure what can be seen (aka: what’s on your feet) really looks great! You need to think style AND comfort. So, find a pair of shoes that you know you can walk up stairs to receive your diploma in, and make sure they are light enough that your feet aren’t sweating. Here are some options I love:

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The Flat: This shoe is all about comfort, but it should still look good. Try opting for a bright colored flat like these ones! (buy here)

The Heel: I love these heels (buy here)!! They are so pretty, and the colors are great. Well-made shoes tend to be more comfortable, so your feet should be happy!

The Sandal: It is going to be HOT. So instead of even trying to wear heels, throw on some cute sandals like these Kate Spade ones. (buy here)

The Sandal with a little lift: A lot of girls have a hard time wearing heels but this is the occasion where they want to get a little fancy. These little wedge sandals are just right! (buy here)

The Wedge: A wedged shoe is a stapple in any summer wardrobe. They give you the lift of the heel, but are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I love these wedges by UGG Australia! (buy here)

The Summer Heel: I always refer to these tan shoes that you can only wear in the summer as the summer heel. They’re my favorite type of heel- I own about 5. They are neutral, but make a statement! These ones are awesome and affordable. (buy here)

The Statement Shoe: There is always a fashionista in the crowd who wants to make a statement. Like I mentioned earlier, your feet are what is going to be seen the most that night- so make it count! How awesome are these Jimmy Choo heels (buy here)!! Everyone is bound to notice these, and you’ll be getting compliments all night!

The Comfort: TOMS have a great selection of comfort shoes that are really cute. I love the look of these lace ones (buy here)- they are perfect for summer!


Shopping for prom dresses is so much fun! It’s almost like you’re shopping for your wedding dress, because for girls prom is one of the most important nights of their lives…until highschool is over. There are tons of options for prom dresses: short, long, princess etc. Here are some of my favorite looks:

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Short Dress: I love the look of this short dress (buy here). It is so fun, flirty and a great shape. It is so interesting to look at- I love the detailing on top. This is a great dress to wear if you are planning on dancing the night away!

Long Dress: This is such a simple yet stunning dress (buy here). I love sweetheart necklines- I think they always make the dress. This particular dress comes in a classic black, or a dark red that is to die for! This dress can be worn plain, or like the model in this picture add a sparkly belt and make it your own.

Sexy Dress: I think it’s great when there are girls wearing sexy dresses to prom. It’s fun! Go wild! I love love love this dress (buy here)- I’m thinking about buying it and wearing it everyday. It is sexy, but not trashy because it covers the body while giving sneak peeks. I love the slit up the side- it is very Angelina Jolie, and the little slits on the side that lead to the beautiful criss crossed back. This one is my favorite!

Classic Dress: Classic can mean a lot of things to different people. To me, classic is a style (that can be modified) that has overall stayed a staple through generations. Classic must also be classy! I love this dress (buy here) it almost has a 1960’s feel, but it has been moderned up. I feel like this dress should have been featured in “The Great Gatsby.” This style is definitely timeless, and so pretty.

On Trend Dress: Trends change every year- so it’s fun to play off the trends that are around the year you are graduating. Right now the high/low dresses are huge- and as a prom dress I love it! This dress (buy here) is so fun, but I think it is also really pretty; it is very elegant due to the black lace.

There is nothing that I hate more than those strappy silver sandle/heels that every girl buys for prom. They drive me nuts! If your dress calls for a silver shoe- PLEASE DON’T MAKE IT ONE OF THOSE STREOTYPICAL PROM SHOES. Here are some ideas for shoes:

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Silver Shoe: If you are going to go for a silver shoe- at least make it cool like this awesome pair (buy here)!

Gold Shoe: Gold tends to be another common shoe color at proms. Gold tends to be very loud so having a simple, clean heel like this one (buy here) is the way to go.

Metallic Shoe: Ditch the classic silver and gold and go for another fun metallic! These shoes (buy here) are both neutral and fashionable!

Sparkly Shoe: If you have a simple, solid colored dress it’s always great to add a little -or a lot- of sparkle to your shoes! These shoes (buy here) are bound to make a statement.

Black Shoe: When in doubt, choose black. There are tons of great black heels out there that go with almost any dress! These ones are summery and fun!

Colored Shoe: This is prom, not church, so step out of the box and put on a great colorful shoe. Even better- wear the complete opposite shoe color to your dress, ie: blue dress, pink heels (buy here) Trust me, you will love it and so will everyone else!

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