2013 Tony Awards: Worst Dressed

You saw who I thought rocked it, now check out who didn’t!

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Megan Hilty: I did not like this look on Megan at all! First of all, that color completely washed her out. Second, the dress does not fit her… she looks like she had to squeeze in there…and her boobs look so uncomfortable! Third, where the dress cuts off at the knees and continues as sheer panelling just looks awkward- especially since the dress is cut with a point at the bottom…what? To top it all off her hair looks too styled- but her makeup is nice! Worst dressed of the night!

Cicely Tyson: Cicely’s dress is crazy! It reminds me of a transformer! It is too busy, too structured, too loud, too dangerous (ouch to those spikes), and all in all just doesn’t look great. Her hair resembles a mushroom cut, and those shoes look like they’re meant for a 90 year old woman! Not loving it. On the plus side: that color looks great against her skin tone!

Sally Field: Sally looked like she just did not care on Sunday night. Her hair was unbrushed and she looked like she had just woken up. The top of her floor length dress was a weird shape. It was cris-crossed and tucked under and just didn’t make sense.

Angela Bassett: I thought Angela looked very pretty…for prom. I literally almost bought a replica of that dress for my highschool prom. It’s a great color but enough with the diamonds! They cover her chest, are hanging down 4 inches off her ears, and are on her cuff bracelet! It just looks to pageant/prom for this event.

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