Tis’ the season for bug bites

Photo Credit: www.tumblr.com

Photo Credit: http://www.tumblr.com

Summer is great- but the downfall is those annoying bugs that can’t wait to have at you.

Here all my all time favourite remedies to bug bites:

Milk of Magnesia: Yes, the same milky looking liquid that you are supposed to drink as an antacid. Besides working as a laxative, it relieves the itchiness on bug bites almost immediately. Just poor the liquid on to a cotton ball and dab the itchy areas!

Skincerity: If you do not yet own Skincerity I’d advise you to purchase it right now (http://www.mynucerity.com/lindsayprimeau/)…it is the most amazing, versatile product I own. I loved it so much I started selling it (if interested in becoming a Skincerity distributor please visit the Contact page found at the footer of my website!) Skincerity can be used for so many things, it should be in everyones first aid kit, and in everyones bed side drawer. Skincerity works great on bug bites; as soon as it is rolled on it gives immediate relief. Not only does it work great to get rid of the itch, but it heals the bug bites SO FAST. This is a must try! No, no…a must DO.

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