Movie Critique: Now You See Me

Last night I went to see the film Now You See Me starring Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Mélanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

This film is about four sperate magicians/illusionist/mentalist (Eisenber, Fisher, Harrelson, & Franco- who completely stole the show by portraying really interesting characters) that were each carefully selected by an annonymous person to come together as a group to form “The Four Horseman.” They become the most well-known magicians that perform the ultimate magic tricks that eventually lead up to the biggest one of all. FBI and Interpol agents (Ruffalo & Laurent) are assigned the task of catching these “criminals” who break into banks in another country, drain millionaires bank accounts to give to the poor and outsmart the FBI.

I must admit, I thought this movie was going to be one of those “meh” movies that you go and see because there is nothing else on, and it’s alright but you’ll never watch it again. I was so wrong. This was a great movie that was so unpredictable, had so many cool scenes that had you wondering “how did they do that?” and made you wanting to become a magician. There was constantly fun twists in this movie that kept you guessing the entire time. There is no way I could have predicted the ending!


The FBI agent played by Mark Ruffalo who is the one trying to catch the criminals was actually behind it the entire time! So crazy, never would have guessed- there were no clues leading up to this surprise. He anonymously brought the four magicians together and carefully planned every step of the “acts” since he was a child in order to avenge his fathers death.

All in all, this was a great movie that I’d love to go see again. The magic tricks would be pretty fun to learn too- could come in handy!

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