Favorites Friday: Mermaid Soap

I am a scent addict! Whether it is soap, perfume, candles- you name it I love it. I am always trying to find new soaps that I like instead of the generic drug store brands.

Right now, my all time favourtie soap is Mermaid Handcrafted Soap with Dead Seasalt by Lippincott Soap Company off of Etsy. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/LippincottSoapCo).

This company is hugely successful with their amazing soaps and I could not help but buy them in bulk (6 seperate ones- all different flavors just waiting to be opened and used!!) Their success can easily be seen on their Etsy page with over 2000 100% positive feedbacks on their products.

They come up with the craziest scents (werewolf, zombie love, honey nectarien etc.) and each one is unbelievable. Besides the great scents, each individual soap comes beautifully wrapped in packaging that goes so well with their scents theme (hence the cool mermaid packaging in the picture!)

I love this soap; especially for summer! It literally smells like you’re a mermaid in the water by the beach. This delish soap is made with the best ingredients including coconut oil to give it a beachy smell. Trust me, you wont want to get out of the shower while using this soap…it’s so fresh and clean…it’s just great! What more can I say?

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