2013 CMT Music Awards: Worst Dressed

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Sheryl Crow: Unfortunately this dress just does not quite cut it. I’m not a huge fan of dresses that are cut off above the ankle- I find on any figure it looks boxy and draws the eyes down to the feet. The necklace feels like it’s too much with all the random cut outs and the top cup part of the dress just doesn’t fit her chest right. It looks as if the dress is pulling away and that there is a big gap between her boobs and the dress. At least her updo and makeup were fresh and pretty!

Miranda Lambert: Miranda just look uncomfortable in this dress. The pattern reminded me of a marble, or sandy dessert, or maybe snake skin. It was unflattering on her body and was too tight. This dressed washed her out and made her look heavy. I usually love her outfits and she always looks so elegant- this dress was just to casual, too busy, too short and too tight.

Kellie Pickler: I loved the color of the dress on Kellie, and thougth it was really pretty with her skin tone. Although, I wish it had been tailored properly. There is way too much fabric in the front of the dress as well as in the neck area making her amazing figure get lost in the dress. I do love her hair and think pulling it away from her face was the best choice when wearing such a standout dress.

Taylor Swift: This is the dress Taylor wore on stage to perform her single “Red.” The one thing that bugs me about Taylor Swift is she tries to portray an angelic, almost virginal figure in her whites, and pastel colors, and sparkles- and that’s what works for her. I hate when she tries to be “bad” or “naughty” because this is what happens. Little Red Ridding Hood gone horribly wrong. I think she looks uncomfortable and awkward when she tries to portray a vixen. This one was a fail Taylor…but the guitar was cute! 🙂

Lisa Marie Presley: Lisa Marie looks like she is going to a funeral. With the large black hat, the pure black dress that covers everything and the chuncky black and white shoes- she looks like shes mourning the awards. The one good thing about her all black back drop is that her hair color really pops!

Dog & Beth Chapman: These two are a couple of characters. Lets start with Dog: he obviously skinned cows and randomly patched the fabric together to make this jacket. Beth: Between the gown and the jewelery she’s dressed like she is going to a pageant. Although this color is beautiful on her…her boobs take over everything and look like they were squished and forced into that dress. Eek! Worst dressed of the night!

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